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Post by domingothegamer on Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:22 pm

Please read the rules before using Deadlyman's Tutorials Forums
Symbol Dictionary
* = you will recieve ONE Warning otherwise a ban will follow.
~ = you will recieve 2 Warnings then a ban.
# = you will recieve 3 warnings then a ban.

General Rules:
1) Do NOT post LIKE THIS AS IT IS DEEMED OF SHOUTING. Capitalization for EMPHASIS is fine. #
2) Please do not post in the wrong section of your topic. They are all well Descriptive. #
3) No abusive post that insult or offend members. (Including Swearing and or any racist comments) ~
4) Absolutely no Spamming (Posting Useless information). Any comments that I feel don't belong or are irrelevant to the topic will be flagged and removed, a second offense you will receive a warning.
5) When Posting Tutorials make sure you provide a link to the youtube video or post code into the topic. Please don't post a link that leads to a different website. ~
6) No pr0n imagery or links to any adult/indecent content. *
7) Please use the forum search feature before posting. It's a very fast way to find information on questions and topics that have already been discussed and simply contains a wealth of knowledge. #
8 ) No Advertising about anything else besides Roblox IN THE Roblox ADVERTISEMENT Section. You may however advertise in the spam section. ~
9) No 'Bumping' topics. Bumping is blatant replying to your own post(s) in order to move it further up the list. Members will reply IF they have something to say and your post is constructively written.
10) Inactive accounts for 6 Months will be deleted if there is no Verification that you have an excuse for an inactive account. * (You will recieve a warning on your email if no activity 3 months)
Other Rules & Information
[Programmers Area Info]
1) You may post tutorials in this section, as long as it's on the forums and not a Link to another website.
2) You may post Open Source Files.
3) Any Hacking, Viruses, Worms, etc. posts will get you banned. They are not allowed in the forums.
4) Please spread the good news about Deadlyman's Tutorials Forums! Very Happy

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